About Us

A collection of curious minds from various disciplines, we are an accidental collective, finding each other in the hotel bars and abandoned meeting rooms long after the last pie chart faded from various international academic conferences across North America. Sensing there was a need for an unconference, a place where we could really talk about the possibility of a praxis based criminology devoted to supporting those working for social change and equality, a group of us descended upon a Kentucky mountain in July 2013 for what would be our first annual unconference: Criminology at the Roots (named after our gracious hosts, Carl & Danielle Root).

Who would have thought that a group of academics would come to a gathering which would not qualify for travel funds, where bunk beds and a lake replaces a king size suite and pool? Come they did! Low and behold, many hands made for relatively light (and meaningful) work.  Looking back now, we probably should have posed for at least one group photo…

This website is the first of what we hope to be many alternative and meaningful collaborations in the spirit of uprooting criminology. Below represents just a snapshot of the many kind folks who attended that meeting and/or are currently working on projects to these ends.

All images used on our website were taken by Deborah Landry.

Michael Benton, MA. (Peace and Conflict Studies): Social movements; media studies; discourse analysis; geopolitics.

Tammy Castle, PhD. (Criminology/Criminal Justice): Comparative justice; media studies; hate groups/crimes; qualitative research methods (comparative case studies; content analysis; discourse/rhetoric analysis).

Victoria Ellen Collins, PhD. (Criminology/Criminal Justice): State crime; white collar crime; transnational crime; maritime piracy; violence against women; victimology.

Annie Lee, PhD. (Criminology/Criminal Justice): Corrections/CBC and re-entry; criminalization of mental illness/homelessness; quantitative methods (spatial analysis); communities and crime.

Gary Potter, PhD. (Criminology/Criminal Justice): The social construction of crime; organized, state and corporate crime; drugs; criminal justice policy.

Carl Root, MS. (Criminal Justice): Police violence; political violence; qualitative research methods (interviewing, ethnography; content analysis).

Kevin Steinmetz, PhD. (Criminal Justice): Computer-centered deviant subcultures (hacking, piracy, etc.); state crime/state secrecy; inequality and criminal justice; technology and social control/resistance; popular culture (media) and crime/social control; qualitative research methods (ethnography/field research, content analysis, grounded theory).

Lindsey Upton, MS. (Criminal Justice): Social justice; public policy and control of public/private space; media, crime and punishment; criminalization of homelessness; police violence; qualitative research methods (content analysis, visual ethnography, ethnography, interviews, discourse/rhetoric analysis).

Stanislav Vysotsky, PhD. (Sociology/Criminology/Cultural Studies): Social theory; social movements; subcultures and countercultures; popular culture and geek/nerd culture; race and ethnicity, hate groups/crimes; anarchism and anarchist/radical left movements; qualitative research methods (ethnography/autoethnography, interviews, content analysis).

Deborah Landry, PhD. (Sociology/Cultural Studies): Urban/municipal regulation of public space and art (graffiti, busking); popular culture (mass media) and criminalization; qualitative research methods (ethnography, KB Dramaturgy, discourse analysis).